The Realities of His Unity by Shaykh Muhammad al-Yaqoubi

Take the drink of love
It is indeed your medicine and cure
… And walk through the way to be nearer
To the people of this Quarter

Be absent from all the universe
And fold in your absence the distance
Protect this secret from all
Save the people of this Quarter

Negate the other oh man!
And annihilate to all forms
Witness the transparency of wine
You will then enter this Quarter

Our words are divine gifts
Our silence is merely a cover
Our door is open for anyone
Who is heading for this Quarter

Our tastes are delicacies
Our secrets are attributed to the Essence
Our moves when we shake
May wake the dead in this Quarter

The Lord made us stand
At His Door for only a year
He then said, who is more entitled
other than you to this Quarter!

When we entered the house
And the cup went around
And all worries were removed
No one of us remained alive in that Quarter

Indeed all other than Him
Are perishing no doubt
There is not anyone there but Allah
Loved by the people of this Quarter

Witness His Unity
In the Unity of the Existence
And do not see existent beings
Other than Him but shadows

In the Hadith of the Shadow
There is indeed a secret that should not be averted
By Allah I swear
Nothing alongside Allah will ever last

See His Unity with no incarnation
And stand by at the remains
Act upon what I have said
To witness the beauty of the All-Living

And in the station of separation
He will bring you back to your senses after annihilation
As East is different from the West
As the dead is not like the living

This is the reality of Tawhid
A distinct unmatched meaning of it
There is no way but to grasp it
If you are heading to this Quarter


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