Clear was the Vision

بسم الله الرحمن الرحيم

صفت النظرة طابت الحضرة *** جاءت البشرى لأهل اللهِ

قاموا سكارى لذي البشارة *** جعلوا عمارة شكراً للهِ

أيها الحاضر أذكر وذاكر *** إياك تنكر حال أهل اللهِ

فسلم لهم فيما عراهم *** واعلم أنهم غابوا في اللهِ

فالوجد بهم داعي يدعيهم *** يطرا عليهم في ذكر اللهِ

ومن لم يجد فليتواجد *** قصداً يتعرض لفضل اللهِ

هكذا قالوا ولذا مالوا *** ولقد غالوا في ذكر اللهِ

حتى قد ظنا من ليس منا *** أنا جننا بذكر اللهِ

هنيئاً لنا ثم بشرانا *** إن كان لنا حمق في اللهِ


Clear was the vision, the Presence made sweet,
Good News arrived for the people of Allah.

Drunken, they arose for the Possessor of Glad Tidings
and held an imārah (hadrah) in gratitude of Allah.

O you who are present, bear in mind and remind!
Never deny the state of the people of Allah.

Acknowledge their dispossession
and know that they are vanished in Allah.

Their state of ecstasy is a caller, calling,
seizing them in the remembrance of Allah.

Those who have not found, let Him expose Himself.
Be exposed intentionally to the grace of Allah.

Thus they have said and therefore swayed,
and went unrestrained in the remembrance of Allah.

Till it was thought by those not of us
that we are deranged from the remembrance of Allah.

Congratulations to us and glad tidings then,
if we are dim-witted in Allah!


Shaykh Ahmad al-’Alawī (may God be satisfied with him)
Translated by: Abu Isma’il


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