A poem dedicated to Shaykh Muhammad al-Yaqoubi

A poem dedicated to Shaykh Muhammad al-Yaqoubi. Written by a dear brother, Allah
bless him always.

***The sultan, the master, and the prince***

The success of one’s tasbeeh is solely in the seekers love for his master,
without conditions and restraint.

For the ocean, that is the 34th grandson (peace be upon him), is vast. Do not be
fooled by your limited senses! What use are they when there is no knowledge and
there is no eye that sees his depth, annihilate yourself and drown in its

Once you appreciate the sweetness of the water then you will realise that it is
your ego telling you to drink elsewhere.

Verily this ocean is the greatest of its time, not only in size but also in the
quality of the water; there are many untold secrets that harbour deep down

The treasures are there for you to find. No other ocean has the support of all
the seas. For generations before have placed themselves as the guardian of its
shores. The best of mountains protect it; the best of fruits surround it. So O,
upright seeker, feast until your heart is content!

Countless blessings upon the beloved grandson of al-Mustafa, my master and liege lord, Abul Huda al-Yaqoubi


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